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Dreams and health influence each other. Those who dream badly are usually tired and in a bad mood during the day. If you don’t feel good, you dream badly more often than if you go to bed in a good mood. Health also plays an important role in the interpretation of dreams, because the state of health in dreams can indicate many things that do not go well in the life of the dreamer.

Dreams and health

Health outside our dreams has an indirect influence on the dreams themselves. If someone has just had a bad diagnosis or has been tested for cancer and is waiting for the results, nightmares are not uncommon. The fear of the disease manifests itself in the form of a processing dream. Even if we generally do not feel good and an illness strikes our minds, negative dreams are quite common. It works the other way around as well. Anyone who has felt good all around during the day and goes to bed tired but in a good mood is very likely to have a beautiful dream.

But also our dreams influence our health. If someone is regularly haunted by nightmares for no apparent reason, he will become ill at some point. Regular nightmares can be symptoms of depression. On the other hand, they can also trigger them, because at some point the fear of having another nightmare the following night creeps in. At this point a spiral is set in motion because the nightmares and the fear of them reinforce each other.

In addition, some bad dreams also have negative influences on our health. If you had a really bad dream, you probably won’t be very well rested in the morning. Instead he is rather tired and tense, which affects the mood and the ability to concentrate. If this happens more frequently, it can lead to physical exhaustion and muscle tension.

The same can be said for beautiful dreams. Waking up after a beautiful dream is wonderful for most people, because you are relaxed and happy about the dream. If you get out of bed in a good mood and start the day full of energy, this can only have a positive effect on your general state of health.

The same goes for dreams after a good day. If you go to bed healthy and happy, you are more likely to be struck by a beautiful dream than by a bad one.

In general, dreams arise in our subconscious being. Even processing dreams are not free of it, because the processing of experiences of the day also happens unconsciously. The subconscious takes over a large part of the evaluations. Fears, hopes and general experiences affect the dreams.

Mind and body influence each other, also health-wise. Those who suffer from depression, for example, usually do not feel good physically, but rather tired, tired and tense. It is not for nothing that sport is always advised in addition to psychotherapy. A healthy mind needs a healthy body and a healthy body a healthy mind. Dreams have a certain part in it, since in them the health condition of humans is reflected.

Interpreting health dreams

As always, the interpretation of dreams that deal with health depends on the context of the dream. Those who are ill should not be surprised if they dream of the illness or if they are ill in their dreams. This connection is so obvious that it does not need any greater interpretation. It is similar if one is ill in the waking world and healthy in the dream. The subconscious knows that the illness will pass and is optimistic that the dreamer will soon be completely healthy again.

Even with fear of an illness, there is no greater need for interpretation. Those who have just heard of a serious illness in their personal environment naturally worry about the person affected. Or he fears that he could also fall ill with this disease. If you are somewhat sensitive to the subject, it can be enough to see a documentary about an illness to dream about it at night.

Those who wait for the results of a health test often do not dream very well. It is certainly not unusual to dream of cancer while waiting for the results of a health test. Even simple blood tests can lead to this if one fears that bad blood values will be discovered. You don’t even have to feel sick. Even people who exercise and eat well often do so when they simply have their blood checked, even though they feel fit as a fiddle. After all, something could be found after all.

If you are interested in certain illnesses in dreams, you should read our article Traumdeutung Krankheit (Dream Interpretation of Illness). Here it is not about diseases, but about the opposite, health as well as medicine or the treatment of diseases to restore health.

Health and medicine are two great concepts that can hardly be interpreted as such. A dream is not only about health and medicine or healing on a meta-level. In order to find out the meaning, one must take a closer look at the dream. For example, it is important which dream symbols from the medical field have actually appeared.

A dream of tablets is just as much a health-related dream as that of a doctor or a hospital. However, one can hardly equate these dream symbols. A doctor is logically not a hospital and not a tablet, the meanings differ from each other.

Dream symbols and meanings

When interpreting dreams on the subject of health, there are no fixed guidelines as to what each dream symbol means in concrete terms. Dreams are individual and their meaning depends on many personal factors. If, for example, you have animal fear of doctors and only go to the doctor if you fear to die otherwise, you naturally have a different picture of a doctor than someone who sees him as a healer and helper, who is always there for you.

In the interpretation of dreams this is generally so. If someone is afraid of cats, the cat in the dream certainly has a different meaning for him than someone who has cats himself. If the Easter fire can’t be big enough for you, dreams of fire certainly seem more positive than someone who lays his meat on the electric grill and avoids charcoal grills in the best weather.

The meaning of individual dream symbols is therefore always individual. A dream symbol can have different meanings for the same person, depending on the context. Nevertheless, there are some meanings that appear again and again in dream reports. These meanings are always a good starting point for the individual interpretation of dreams.


In a dream, the doctor is a predominantly positive dream symbol. A doctor is a trusted person, a healer and a counsellor at the same time. You go to the doctor when you need help. The dreamer probably finds himself in a situation in which he needs help.

In order to find out more about the significance of the doctor in the dream, it depends on what kind of doctor he is and what he is doing. Dentists, along with proctologists, are probably the most unpopular doctors.


Dental diseases are almost always very painful. The same applies to the treatment, which is not always super painful, but at least unpleasant. Nevertheless, the dentist in a dream is not a negative dream symbol. Rather, the meaning lies in the fact that one wants to or should get to the bottom of something. The dreamer should literally feel someone on the tooth.

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