How to decode premonitory dreams? Can you remember your dreams? Take this opportunity to decipher your unconscious and learn to understand yourself. Here you can access your wildest and most extravagant desires, which are often a reflection of your current state of mind. To help you, Reverie Daydream explain how to decode the mystery of your dreams.

What are the types of dreams?

It is often mistakenly believed that all dreams are alike. However, there are 5 main types:

The premonitory dream, which anticipates a major life event in order to prepare us psychologically to live it or face it.

The waking dream, which manifests itself outside sleep, is simply created when attention is relaxed during the day. It is undoubtedly this type of dream that says the most about our unconscious.

The lucid dream, which allows us to understand that nothing is real and that we are indeed asleep. It is the brain’s way of confronting our fears and anxieties in a safe environment where nothing can happen.

The recurring dream, which comes up almost every night.

And finally, the nightmare, most often the result of stress or anxiety, and which helps to relieve the tensions of the day.

Recognize a premonitory dream

If simple and everyday dreams are most often extravagant and without any coherence, the premonitory dream is on the contrary constructed and very realistic. It leaves an impression of credibility, and can under no circumstances be lived in complete clarity – it is impossible for the sleeper to differentiate the dream from reality. Here, we do not find monsters, creatures or whimsical characters, but rather harmless situations very close to everyday life and a whole bunch of precise and very realistic details.

Moreover, these dreams are not present in everyday life. We find them more generally during periods of great emotional sensitivity during which we leave gaps, open doors in our unconscious. We then enter another state of consciousness, which allows the information lodged in our deep unconscious to come out. They are often negative and herald a sad event (bereavement, illness, incident, accident, etc.).

Learning to decode dreams

Whatever the dream, it is better to start by recording or noting all the memories still present when you wake up. After only a few minutes, the premonitory dream may evaporate, and it will be difficult for you to gather your memories to decode it. It is then better to leave it aside in order to analyse it cold, when the mind no longer feels the emotions of the night. Keep in mind that you must listen to yourself and let your feelings speak for themselves without being afraid of what all this could mean.

Moreover, since the dream is a personal manifestation of the unconscious, it is necessary to remember that a “typical” interpretation does not exist. There are several versions for the same symbol depending on the person concerned, his beliefs, his past, etc. It is therefore advisable to interpret everything with your own language, even if some signs seem to have universal meaning, such as roads that symbolize the path to take for the future, water that represents ambition or flowers that mark renewal, the end of a project, etc.

To get help, there are many specialists capable of accompanying the dreamer when it comes to understanding the dream. Because it is very difficult to decode yourself the manifestation of your unconscious as a whole.

The scientific aspect versus the reality of the premonitory dream
Most scientists dispute the existence of dreams that can predict the future. For them, there can be no causal link between a dream and a subsequent event. They then simply consider explaining such phenomena by coincidence or autosuggestion. We would then be responsible for the arrival of such dreams.

But with limited knowledge of the different functions and capacities of the brain, more and more researchers are considering the possibility of linking such phenomena to the manifestation of the unconscious. This would be a way for him to find solutions to everyday problems during sleep, a period that removes the psychological obstacles of the mind.

Premonitory dreams continue to fascinate us and sometimes even frighten us. A real mystery to everyone, they seem to correspond to manifestations of our deep unconscious. This is a good enough reason to pay attention to them and to try to understand them.

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