What are CBD Creams?

Introduce CBD creams into your daily beauty routine and you will immediately notice the positive effects on your skin.

If you like cosmetics and follow the latest trends, you have surely heard of the ingredient CBD. It is a cannabinoid, whose origin is found in the hemp Sativa plant, which provides multiple benefits for our skin. In addition, this ingredient of medical hemp has recently been shown to help combat pain, anxiety, and stress.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has classified this compound as “non-addictive” in humans. It has also added that this ingredient has no effects that show a potential for dependence, and that it is safe and tolerated for human consumption. Although its origin may lead to confusion, it is not a toxic component or one that causes euphoria when taken.

The ingredient that provides this type of sensation is THC, the illegal component of hemp.

Therefore, CBD is a legal component and one of the latest bets in the cosmetics sector. Its use is recommended especially for sensitive, acne-prone or irritated skin with eczema or psoriasis, as its antioxidants act on free radicals as well as provide an antibacterial function.

What are the benefits of CBD creams?

Creams containing CBD in their composition have been shown to have many positive effects on the skin. Here are some of them:

  • They fight against premature aging of the skin: CBD being of plant origin, contains a large number of antioxidants that help in the production of collagen, which helps fight damage caused by free radicals. As a result, signs of aging, such as fine lines, are greatly reduced.
  • Improve eczema and psoriasis: This component derived from the hemp plant has anti-inflammatory properties without side effects. Therefore, it is one of the few really effective solutions for eczema. Its soothing and anti-bacterial effects help reduce the effects of sensitive skin, including redness and eczema.
  • Maximum hydration: Another benefit of this component is its moisturizing action. CBD works in conjunction with the skin’s glands to control oil production and restore the skin’s natural glow. As a result, cracked and dry skin disappears.
  • Treats and prevents the appearance of acne: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power, it prevents the appearance of pimples and redness caused by acne. It also acts as a skin oil regulator, eliminating excesses and attacking acne-activating cells.

What is the best CBD cream?

Once you know all the benefits that this type of cream can bring you, we are going to recommend our three favorite CBD creams:

Lolagreens facial cream

This is a moisturizing facial cream with a light texture and quick absorption. It is suitable for all skin types, oily, dry, combination, young and mature and can be used both day and night. Thanks to its CBD component, the skin remains moisturized for hours and prevents the appearance of redness and skin aging. This product is manufactured in Spain under the highest quality standards.

Beeline Moisturizing Facial Cream

Another of our favorite options is this Beemine cream recommended for sensitive or irritated skin. The combination of hemp extract, honey, and hemp seed oil provides the antioxidants and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids your skin needs for skin repair and regeneration, giving your skin back its elasticity and natural glow.

It has a light and refreshing texture and is easy to apply. It is recommended for daily use with a small massage on the skin until completely absorbed. This cream is made in Spain with 100% natural ingredients.

For additional tips and information about cbd balm, you can visit their page for further info.

Mark C. Beaver

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