The Perfect Business Clothing For Women

Women have more choice in business clothing than men, which does not necessarily facilitate the choice of dress code. Tailor in Bangkok insider tips on costumes, suits and business accessories will help you shop, e.g. for your next job interview.

Women have more options than men to choose their business clothing for the job. But the larger choice can become a “torture of choice”, especially during an interview or career start. In addition, women must be careful not to show too much skin with their professional dress code. Our insider tips will help you to find the right business outfit for your application photo, your next job interview or the start of your new job.

Business clothing for women: Pantsuit or costume?

For a business outfit, women can choose between a trouser suit and a costume. If your employer asks for more muted colours, you should choose black, grey, brown or blue. Anthracite and navy are nice alternatives to the classic black. Depending on the company, your dress code may be fashionable, but the most important thing for business clothing is high-quality materials and a good fit. If you decide on a dress or a skirt with a blazer, choose a skirt length in which you can move elegantly and do not show too much skin. A pencil skirt looks elegant and flatters the figure. A skirt, dress or costume must not be shorter than a hand’s width above the knee. The same applies to your neckline – don’t overdo your cleavage. After all, you want your business clothing to look professional and not sexy, because playing with your own charms can quickly backfire in everyday business life. Blouses, trousers or blazers that are too tight don’t match the business dress code and quickly look unfavourable. A business blazer with a waisted cut looks serious, but feminine and should always fit perfectly – the boyfriend style oversize look or short models that end above the hip are only suitable for leisure. A blouse that is so tight that the button in the chest area soon bounces off is simply not part of everyday working life. This is where the trade comes up with blouses whose button spacing in the chest area is reduced or which have a hidden push button.

Pantyhose & Shoes for Business Outfit

No matter how warm it is: at least a transparent nylon pantyhose is a must in your job! A skin tone of 20 den also looks like make-up for the legs. In autumn or winter it can also be darker tones that make you slim at the same time; but you should never wear shiny pantyhose on the job. Shoes are the key to the look of all your business apparel. Boots, pumps with high heels or sandals can quickly ruin the overall impression. Wear closed shoes with light heels and leather soles. High heels in bright colours or with striking metallic ornaments are not part of the dress code in everyday business life. In winter, however, boots or bootees can also be worn with the skirt. However, it is advisable to choose simple boots made of high-quality material. Of course, your business shoes should always be well groomed.

Handbag or briefcase for business clothing?

Women may also use a handbag at work and do not necessarily have to change to the briefcase. It should, however, be a discreet and high-quality leather bag that goes well with business clothing and can easily accommodate your documents and laptop. A chaotic handbag, in which you have to rummack around for a long time until you find what you’re looking for, simply seems unprofessional. Depending on the industry, some of the bag’s fashionable details may loosen up the business look a little, but not push themselves too far into the foreground.

The matching jewellery for business clothing

When it comes to jewellery, too, the word on the job is: less is more. Discreet jewellery that emphasises your personal style is allowed and can give your dress code an elegant touch. Always choose earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to match your business outfit. Just add accents with one or at most two pieces of jewellery. Piercings do not fit to business clothing of course! You can also wear a silk scarf or a high-quality scarf as an accessory.

Business look for women: Hair, make-up and fingernails

You underline your professional appearance in the job and interview not only with your business clothing, but also with well-groomed hairstyles, fingernails and discreet make-up. Here too, bright colours are taboo because they create the wrong impression and distract. Choose a discreet French manicure with light lacquers for your nails. Your make-up should look as natural and fresh as possible. With a high-quality concealer you can hide rings under your eyes from the last night you worked through.

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