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Garage Door Winter Preparation

With winter comes extremely low temperatures which can affect several parts of your garage door system. Unfortunately, winter is the season where your entire garage door system could fail. It starts with small problems such as frozen springs and before you know it, the whole system is falling apart. The cold temperatures cause the metal to contract which in turn puts more pressure on all the working parts of your garage door. The garage doors lincoln ne may also stick to the track and harm the motor for the garage door opener. Rather than wait for the winter and have all these problems stressing you, here are a few things you can do to prepare. We’ve compiled a list from several garage door repair companies to help your garage door survive the winter.

Garage door in the evening

Replace the weather stripping

Weather stripping is usually found at the bottom of the garage door and creates a seal between the garage door and the garage door opening. Time causes the weather stripping to wear and tear. A worn out weather stripping will cause cold air to leak into the garage.

If you notice the weatherstripping on your garage door is worn, scrape it off while ensuring there are no remnants. Replace the weatherstripping and make sure it aligns properly. This will make it easier to operate the door as well as make a good seal.

If your garage door is not insulated, adding the weatherstripping at the bottom will help keep the extreme weather out.

Check the garage door insulation

The extremely cold temperatures during winter will certainly have a toll on your energy bills, especially if your garage door is not properly insulated. Before winter comes around, make sure that the insulation on your garage door is top notch.

If your garage door does not come with insulation pre-installed, you may consider getting a newer version. However, this may be a bit expensive. You can, therefore, opt to insulate the garage itself.

Lubricate all moving parts of the door

The bad winter weather may have your garage door stuck on its tracks. What’s more, the water can have the metal parts of the garage door rusting. This will cause the door not to work well. It is therefore important to ensure that your garage door remains lubricated all through winter. Start by lubricating the door just before winter begins. The lubrication will ensure your garage door works properly, saving you a couple of dollars you would have otherwise spent on garage door repair.

Coat the garage door with an extra layer of paint

Coating your garage door is another great way to prepare for winter. Use weatherproof paint to coat the outside of your garage door. The paint will help protect your garage door from the wet and cold weather conditions that could damage and erode the garage door. Tip: Coat the floor of your garage as well.

Winterizing your garage, and in particular, your garage door is a must-do for every homeowner. Not only does it improve the energy efficiency of your home during winter, it also ensures your garage door is working properly all through the cold season. This helps you save a lot as you would otherwise have to deal with garage door repairs once winter is done.